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June 24 Marketing 5
Trucking And Cargo Management Trends To Look Out In 2019

When you are into cargo shipping, you must know how crucial is freight management. And how an effective management can reduce shipping delays and help you maintain speed and safe shipping. Shippers who want to succeed this year must know about the best cargo management trends for 2019 and how they would impact your trade and related aspects.

Strategy development to meet worldwide trade challenges!

As per Adrian Gonzalez of Talking Logistics, businesses finding ways to make new strategies to address global trade challenges. To mention, like Brexit and unreliability related tariffs will lead to more instabilities and negotiations. Though domestic shipping companies are safe against Brexit, this could be problematic in getting manufactured products that might include parts, in Britain.

One big threat for shippers doing a redevelopment of strategies is that this would impact the agriculture sector of U.S. Farmers will face trouble regarding subsidies and not being able to sell crops to other countries owing to tariffs, which will trouble the industry. Though the farmers grow products and textiles, this plays an important role in economic growth.

Companies would choose the “Single Window”

In cargo management trend that can be expected this year is the usage of a “single window” in coordination and operations. This is also known as the single glass pane and is a common goal for several industries healthcare, facilities management, and education. On what principle does is runs? The concept is that it gives senior staffs and managers to get access to all information from one platform. To simplify, integration of platforms will lower the visibility, and coupled with the use of analytics, the shippers can use these platforms to get new insights and operate better.

Companies will start implementation of Blockchain Technologies

In 2019 you need to watch out for Blockchain-based technologies. Companies are developing blockchain related solutions for managing supply chain which is expected to lower violation of compliances, creating trust among the companies, channelize payment processing, and lowering compatibility related issues in the systems. ShipChain is creating a platform to be used in logistics for supply chain management, which would allow speedy integration with present systems, enabling businesses to take advantage of the new methods and technologies.

Crowd-sourcing of Last-Mile logistics

This is going to continue as well in 2019. This concept of crowd-sourced trucking will give access to shippers with private fleets and drivers, lowering strain of capacity crisis and a shortage of drivers. The SelectHub has mentioned that the shortage of truck drivers going to continue and would result in a shortfall of about 75,000 of drivers required by 2019, hence shippers must start pondering on how to expand their network.

In the words of Matt Snider through, usage of trucking potentialities on demand would help cargo companies to find a way through the high cost of spot rates. But better analysis and forecasting can lower expenses as cargo companies learn what to expect and eventually lowering the usage of spot-trucking at all.

How to interpret?

Trucking is going to expand this year as the shippers are finding newer ways to overcome the capacity crisis, but with the continuous growth of e-commerce the capacity problems will continue to exist. Efficient freight management is the only way to meet consumers’ expectations for zero cost freightage.

Fortunately, Properus has all the resources to help the shippers to remain updated with the latest cargo management trends.