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Why you need a climate controlled storage facility?

When you consider to put your belongings in storage, you need to look into various factors like cost, security, location among many as you choose your facility. So, it is essential to go for climate controlled storage unit for long route cargo services.

Keep reading to know what features, a climate controlled unit offer and what could be stored in such storage.

What is climate controlled storage?

Temperature controlled units come with temperature control facilities like air conditioning and/or heating. Your trade agreement must mention an acceptable temperature range for storage. A climate controlled unit must have both temperature and humidity control options for managing temperature and humidity. With an added responsibility of maintaining a consistent temperature in such units, they are expensive in comparison to standard units.

Why you need climate controlled storage ?

Climate controlled storage unit are required to help your items transported in current condition. A standard storage unit has less insulation facility to help in winters and in summer, will heat up the inside temperature of the containers. With climate controlled storages your belongings are safer.

What to be stored in climate controlled environments?

The items could include electronics, luxury items, collectibles or antiques. Here we share a list of items recommended for a controlled storage environment.

Fine Art and Paintings :

Beautiful artworks and paintings can shrink or expand in extreme temperatures. And a storage unit which is very humid becomes a growing place for mold or mildew that can ruin the art pieces.

Antiques :

Antiques or old items, whether made of wood, metal or paper, are quite susceptible to temperature fluctuations and humidity. Longer periods of dry air can split and crack wooden furniture. Metals tend to rust in high humidity. Paper gets yellow. You need to protect them from temperature hazards.

Delicate fabrics :

Luxury furniture and clothing has chances to suffer from mildew and molds under conditions of high humidity. Such costly and delicate items must be stored with acid-free tissue paper. A cedar packet can help to keep away moths.

Electronics :

Humidity can lead to corrosion and molds. A much-heated environment can damage electronics. Therefore, under the climate-controlled situation, it is advisable to include some silica gel packs for storing such items.

CDs, DVDs, and Games :

All type of optical discs like CDs or video games can be damaged under a condition of high heat. Hence, these items must be stored in cool, dry places to prevent being damaged or twisted.

Instruments :

Wooden instruments are highly susceptible to volatile temperatures. They tend to contract in cold and expand in heat. Also, it is necessary to maintain humidity control to prevent from drying and splitting.

You need not worry about your cargo being transported under climate controlled conditions. With reputed cargo shippers, they take entire responsibilities to take care of your belongings.

Also, remember to get your goods insured. You can check with your shipper or find out how to add the items to your policy. Often there is a chance of purchasing insurance from the storage facility.

Do you need assistance in taking your items to and fro the storage unit?

Properus provides an easy solution for transporting your belongings. We value your goods and assure safe and fast transit.